I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Something, something, Muslims, something, something, stop the hate…


Okay, so this is a standard “Stop the Hate” picture. Some might say that it’s a piece of shit, but OP’s heart is in the right place. Now, these pictures usually get a lot of praise for being aware-

never ever browse the comment sections

Children, never ever browse the comment section. You will lose all hope in humanity.

I am too old and too tired for this shit.


Excuse me, anon, but-

mmd is back

Since when was this bullshit argument allowed and accepted?! It’s a fucking 3D animation/picture program meant for shits and giggles! It’s not that big of a deal! Just because a majority of people who enjoy MMD are kids and teenagers doesn’t mean that adults can’t like it either! FUCK, I AM SO SICK OF THIS ARGUMENT!

My Little Pony: Baldness is Magic


It’s not like these are for little children or anything and that the design they made in Taiwan looks pretty close to the original design-

donkey dildo

-or something like that. Although I did see that Twilight Sparkle had to go to Taiwan to receive chemo therapy. Are you okay, Twilight?

Six months later, Twilight Sparkle moved back to the United States and grew out her mane. She also got plastic surgery to remove her wings since they were infested with tumors. Her vacation in Taiwan was her biggest regret.



In that post I didn’t tell any specific person to kill themselves but OHH NOO U SAID SOMETHING ABOUT SUICIDE THAT’S NOT OKAY 

You know what? I still stand by what I said. 

Do the entire world a favor and end it all you ungrateful, immature, judgmental, hypocritical assholes. 








Dear Fucknoproffesionalmmd Advice Column #3 (Advice No One Asked For)

Today’s advice is from XxUnna-ChanXx (didn’t know it was 2008). She’s started to have trouble with plsnommd and had written an advice to them, so shit. It might as well be ADoseofBuckley’s Advice No One Asked For series. Anyways, Unna wrote-

Responce to PlsNoMMD

  • You always hate on somebody, will you even get a life??? Do you even like any MMD’er. You are an a trash who loves to cyberbully all the MikuMikuDancers. I cant even take these things anymore. Are you really gonna dump every each MikuMikuDancer to trash? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT Foxy's Hatching a Plan (Chat Icon) Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams  . Every OCS, Yandere Simulator, FNAF, MMD , UnderTale and etc. are getting hated by you. Do you even think who you are? You are nothing, nothing. Nobody likes you. DELETE THIS STUFF RIGHT NOW!



Dear Unna,
      Are you really gonna let one asshole get your spirits down? And are you seriously going to use the ‘no one like you’ and ‘get a life’ arguments? I know that person is an asshole, and I understand why. But by immediately closing a collab that a lot of people wanted to enter just because of one asshole is quite petty. You’re only satisfying them my getting your panties in a twist and quitting.
          Now as for your collab, I say yes pls. Yes pls continue with it.
                                                            Best of luck,
P.S. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a lot of people like plsnommd.


The MMDC is going too fucking far!!!

As if the same shit hasn’t been going on since 2010

Oh well. It’s not like we’re gonna do anything about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Sky is Up


DayDreaming About Senpai [Realistic Sky]


DayDreaming About Senpai [Yan Sim’s Official Sky]

The first picture’s sky is apparently the realistic one.


If you ask me, the second picture’s sky is a lot more realistic. The first picture’s sky looks a lot more saturated, thus making it look less realistic. :/

Wet Turn-off

I don’t think that this will be too appropriate to mention, but what the fuck is up with MMD users on Pixiv and omorashi?

MMD News at 5:30


This is somebitchypikofan bringing you the latest in MMD News. And first off, some MMD’er’s models got uploaded on some Russian websites. We’ll take you to Xandy for more. Xandy?

Thank you, somebitchypikofan. Witnesses say that an anonymous MMD’er’s models from what looks like Five Nights at Freddy were uploaded on a website as download without this user’s consent. Right now, we have said modeler. How does this make you feel?

Arrrgg, I’m so angry!!


And what punishment do you think these thieves deserve?

I decided smth…I don’t want to put my models for public DL anymore!!!
Now I’m going to close all my models DL.


… Back to you, somebitchypikofan.

Thank you, Xandy. Allegedly, this user decided that if you’re not her friend, then you can get some free models from these Russian websites. That’ll be all for today; thank you for joining us. We’ll see you at ten. Goodnight.

Sad Hobbes’s Day



Not sure if these are from the same person, but this is sad. So many people are now afraid to express themselves however they want that they resort to being like everyone else just just so that they get some likes and comments and don’t get an overload of hate. And as much as I want to regress to the opposite arrogant side, I feel like I’m responsible for this because I too am a hate blog.

So here’s a quick Hobbes’s Day PSA: Express yourself however you want (unless it’s illegal). Just know that there are people that will criticize/even hate you. If you come across criticism of you, you can either find a way to better yourself or ignore it.