I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Time to Call Out MORE Bullshit!!!

Time to Call Out MORE Bullshit!!!

Today’s victim is some little turd called Shichi-Saruko.

Let’s see what Mr. Hankey’s retarded step-sister has said to make her a victim of this terrible crime I’m committing right now.

“But If you don’t care about what is canon, then you don’t care if Kaito and Meiko are counterpart.”

Ever heard of headcanons? Yes, those wonderful little things where you don’t care too much about canon, but still know what the fuck is canon or not.

“The reason you hate Nanami’s Teto, I know you don’t like her but it’s not necessary to insult Nanami.”

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of insulting comedy. I mean, sure it might’ve not been necessary, but I’m pretty sure it was all for jokes. Hell, I’m doing it right now!

“also, your whole ‘I respect her for making her own models’ is bullshit. If you respect nanami you wouldn’t write all of that, a simple ‘sorry, I don’t like your model’ or something similar to it is okay. see ?”

But here’s the thing: You can respect someone’s model and still not like it. For example, I respect Madoka Magica for trying something new, but that doesn’t mean I like it because I kind of don’t.

“if you don’t like things that are overrated, i guess that means you don’t like vocaloid/UTAU ?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am your master, and I command you to laugh at this mere bullshit.

Are you done yet?

So, hating something over-rated like Free! and Watamote (Yes, I hate those animes to death.) means that I hate Vocaloid/UTAU?

Guess I shouldn’t be running this blog then!

“- Bread and Ice cream taste delicious
you just think it’s disgusting because you haven’t TRIED it”

1: Congratulations for the most obvious symbolism evers. Totally took me a fucking eon to figure that out.

2: Oh, but what if he had tried Teto and Kaito and still doesn’t like it? Don’t assume- it’s mean and untrue.

3: Someone can’t fucking respect opinions.

“P.S.S.S.S.S : If you send me a note, I’ll ignore you. and if you comment on my page i will also ignore you.”

And this is why I made a picture calling you out on your bullshit! Am I cool now, MMD gods and goddesses?

“P.S.S.S.S.S.S : You also have broken nanami’s rule, you’re not allowed to say bad things about his/her model”

Either you’ve made that up, or Nanami is a big fucking pussy.

Oh, and nice job disabling the comments. You are one brave little bear.



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