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I Don’t Know What to Post, So Here’s a List

I’ve not found any more bullshit, disappointments, or bad editing as of now, so I decided to make a list straight out of my ass. So technically, this would count as multiple bullshits.

Anyways, I’ve bitched enough, so let’s count down


This was originally supposed to be a Top Five, but then I found some more things to get pissy over.

  • 08: Miku as the hero/victim; Zatsune/Meiko/SeeU as the villain

I’ve seen this so many God damn times, I can’t fucking remember. Welcome to Vocaloid, Infected, V O C A L O I D, plenty of the popular MMD series on YouTube. Most of the time, the reason why the villain is the villain is due to a shitty childhood or jealousy. Well, in Infected, Zatsune was just being a douche-bag troll just to be a douche-bag troll.

I put this at the bottom because thankfully, people have stopped using this trope when it comes to making an MMD series.

  • 07: People who have titles .:Like This:. or ThIs or ths or T H I S

No, you’re not fucking funny. No, you’re not fucking edgy. You’re fucking annoying.

Especially if it’s




  • 06: Making a picture based on a song.

Yes, I’m guilty of this as well. In fact, it’s 78% of my gallery. You may now call me a hypocrite right here. I understand why people do this. It gives them inspiration and sometimes even vents out their feelings. But the reason why this is on the list is because there’re other medias we can make pictures from, not just music.

  • 05: TDA/Kingdom Hearts/Creinie-like edits.

Yes kids, they’re everywhere.

Ever since TDA and Creinie got popular with their models, tons of assholes have been editing or ripping off their styles. NoUserNameIncluded is a great example. And also this, and My God, LOOK AT THIS SHIT! It’s like this person wasn’t even trying at all! Oh yeah, almost forgot the Kingdom Hearts edits. Don’t listen to the people that’ll probably be on this list; I think that Kingdom Hearts edits can be done right. This one’s done in an acceptable way. But stupid shit like this is just giving the Kingdom Hearts MMD fandom a bad reputation by other MMD’ers that it’s fucking ridiculous.

  • 04: Pictures like these:

dumb dumb ass




My Little Pony without the friendship, these are some of the most over-rated ideas for pictures just ever. And the raping of effects isn’t helping at all. And now with 99% of today’s MMD’ers raping them, it really gives no room for new ideas.

  • 03: shine-bright-like-an-api/Fox-Squared beating dead horses.

Oh hey look! The dumb asses that’re nominated for biggest douche-bags awards are back again for some more ass-beating! Jesus H. Christ, this is gonna be funner than a drunk Let’s Watch of the X Factor. Let’s start with Fox.

Fox-Squared, FoxxyDesu, Tails, whoever the fuck he is, is the biggest whore I’ve ever seen. Bigger than the biggest sex whore and the biggest media whore. Literally. All this fucker does are memes, be a douche, shit on and rape dead horses… oh yeah, speaking of shitting on and raping dead horses…

Shine-bright-like-an-api-edit. First off, that name is the oldest fucking name in the world. No one’s talking about Appearance Miku anymore. Second, the Livi drama ended a fucking year ago. Get your head in the game, God dammit! Third, don’t you guys fucking source your art, or are you guys pussies? Fourth, you guys are still making Xalainu and Barbiiie jokes like it’s the newest fucking thing. Newsflash: there’re dead horses as well. Fucking hacks.

  • 02: Memes.

I don’t mean the ones where you answer questions. Those are okay. I mean-












http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueCandy198 (This person is fucking famous for this shit!)

And the less I say about MemeMemeDance, the better.

And the number one thing on God’s green, brown, and blue Earth (from Stu from YouTube Poop News)…

  • 01: RinxLen/MikuxKaito/any popular pairing comic.

Good. Fucking. LORD!!! They’re everywhere! And they’re somehow still going on like it’s a big thing! Here’s one, and another, and another… let’s just get to series about them, okay?

Promise, MMDMikuMikuLen’s comics, My Evil Prince (the worst piece of shit I’ve read in my entire life), and oh yeah! BRSA, the fucking God of this shit. I swear, every time I see her comics (which is thankfully rare if you’re wondering), I’m like, “Lady, you need to calm the fuck down with these pairings!”

Now I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to make comics like these. You can, and I’m obviously not the boss of you. However, if you’re going to make one, please, for the love of Sonic Underground, BRING SOMETHING NEW TO THE TABLE.

Christ, this was long, and it was just eight things. But oh well. I have to go watch episode three of Wake Up, Girls!. Unless of course, you want me to review something.




  1. Anonymous

    I need to mention to you that EmoFooker is one of the people that runs shine-bright-like-an-api-edit.

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