I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Time to call some dandy shit out.

I’m sorry for not updating as often as I used to, but first thing first. I’ve gotten into Space Dandy. Another thing is this- How do you tell people to use their own style of choice but shame people for using Kingdom Hearts bases and 3DCG bases? No really, how does that work?

Now with that out of the way, let’s call some handy dandy bullshit out today with our special guest- FullmetalHeartedGirl!

Let’s begin, shall we?

My art teacher doesn’t embrace the fact we can’t draw realism for shit. He rides high off the hog (even though he kind of looks like one, tbh), and wants our drawing abilities to be to the standard of where we can redraw the fucking Mona Lisa.

1: It’s a fucking grade. Do it.

2: In art college, you do need those skills in order to graduate. So really, you have no  choice.

Anyway, we had a half day on Friday. He has us watching a video when we had to draw a realism face by Wednesday originally (well, today when I typed this. He extended it to this Friday).
…I don’t care if we have twenty minutes to work. It’s work time. Let us fucking work. He only let us take notes on the video and do nothing else. Which was a load of bullshit.

If you only had to take notes and nothing else, wouldn’t that normally be a good thing considering your minor inconvenience?

…Then he says “oh, you did the head wrong. Lemme work with you tomorrow”

What the fuck, child? He wants to help you improve your work! Don’t act like a pretentious asshole, you pretentious asshole!

I didn’t get mine out, and when he asked about it, I stood up to him. I will literally write everything I said right here. I fucking will and if he sees it, look at all the fucks I give.
…Oh, that’s right.

I’m sorry, but not only are you being a pretentious asshole, but you’re also being disrespectful. And don’t worry; you’ll most likely give a fuck when you get called down to the principal’s office and get detention, in school isolation, or suspension.

(He starts. Whenever I start a new line that’s not a run on from the last it’s a switch as to who’s talking)
“Where’s yours?”
“I didn’t get it out.”
“Why didn’t you? You need help.”
“I don’t see why I need your help. I have my own style and I think it’s fine. We aren’t equipped with the skills nor style you’re looking for. I have my own style and so does [Chumper].”
“I don’t care if you have your own style. If you want your own style worry about it in college.”
“You know what? I will! But this project doesn’t work with my art style.”
“It’s all about how someone holds the pencil and works. You can see their style in their work.” *Gestures to a person sitting nearby who is doing really well on her project and it looks quite similar to the real thing she was basing it off of*
“I know that. And the way I hold the pencil and draw, you don’t seem to like.”
“You know this project is worth 200 points, right?” (Points meaning how well I did, determining the grade.)
“I’m well aware. [Chumper] and I are probably two of the very few that actually do.”
“Well it’s your grade. If you get a bad grade in this class you may not get in to your college.” *walks away*

Oh, so now someone’s getting defiant, huh? Let me tell you this, Tender-heart. I’m a stylized “artist” like you. And you don’t seem to understand that not every fucking artwork is going to have your style in it. And who knows? Maybe your teacher does appreciate your style of art, but it isn’t the right time to use it. And being a disrespectful twat isn’t helping your case at all.

Have you seen my artwork outside of this class you piece of shit!?!? It’s not like I don’t draw just when I’m in your sorry excuse of a hell hole! You haven’t SEEN all I can do!

He ain’t gonna see what you’ve done outside of his class because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal for him to do.

Just because I draw in a “cartoony” (<–something he actually said. Fuck you, it’s called ANIME you piece of horse shit)…

Anime is a form of cartoon. Anime was inspired by Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse i.e- a cartoon. In all actuality, you kind of don’t know shit about anime.

Then there’s a bitch who thinks anime is stupid and easy. When really she doesn’t know shit. Sure she’s drawn it and seen some of it, but to be honest she doesn’t know. Jack. Shit. Anime is an art all it’s own man! She probably hasn’t even SEEN deviantArt under the anime or vocaloid tag, I mean holy fucking shit!

1: Instead of ranting about it like a little child that your are, how about you explain a respectful manner like a decent fucking human, that you’re aren’t, would.

2: Look who the fuck’s talking. You’re not an expert on anime either.

3: You don’t know who this person is (She’s probably a more decent human than you’ll ever be.). Maybe she has looked up anime/Vocaloid on DeviantArt, but just in case she hasn’t, it might be due to the fact that she isn’t interested.

4: Let me analyze your work, shall I?


I don’t know about you, but that looks pretty fucking easy to imitate. You’re not helping your case at all.

And I’m done for today. Normally, I wouldn’t tag her name for tags unless she was put in here three times. But this person acted so disrespectful, so despicable, and made me so enraged that I have no choice but to do this. Fuck this person. Fuck her without consent.



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