I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

A Serious Talk

Hello. I have a very important announcement to make.


This wonderful user is known kyokikyu, and he/she is telling people a user known as ChatterHead to kill himself.

Don’t know who the hell ChatterHead is? I’ll explain.

He’s a MikuMikuDance user who uses Metasequoia to make his models.

Anyways, after I noticed this lovely post, I decided to go to her page and call her out in a polite way.

Here’s the result from that.


That was when I snapped, and now I’m going to share my anger and despair with you lucky fellows who happen to be reading this.

I get it. I fucking get it. ChatterHead has lots of potential and is a very talented person, but he’s wasting it by doing the same shit over and over and over again. However, that’s no fucking excuse to tell someone to kill themselves. And when I sent that ask to you, that was me at my TOO NICE TO BE TRUE state, so that probably means that I’m a bigger dick than Dan from Dan Vs., Horrid Henry, and Minnie the Minx combined, and I WOULDN’T DREAM OF DOING THAT SHIT TO OTHERS AGAIN.

I did it a few times when I was twelve, and you know what? I regret doing that a lot. I realized that I hurt a bunch of people because what if they actually did kill themselves? I would be in prison for up to ten years because that is considered MANSLAUGHTER (though I personally think it should be called second-degree murder)! Last I checked, MANSLAUGHTER IS FUCKING ILLEGAL! 

But it’s just black comedy!

There’s nothing wrong with black comedy. Hell, black comedy is my favorite type of humor. However, if you’re going to tell a suicide joke, actually tell a fucking suicide joke. “Kill yourself.” is not a suicide joke. That’s telling someone to kill them self.

Bottom line, don’t tell people to kill themselves. You can shit on ChatterHead all you want, but never tell him to kill himself.

Oh by the way, Dr. Who is an insult to world history lololol.


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