I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Dear FuckNoProffesionalMMD Advice Column (Issue #1)


1.) why do people feel the need to oblige the term “incest?”

You might want to ask PsychologyToday that question.


3.) if “god” loves everyone, why do christians say that he hates gay people?

Because people are closed-minded bigots who thinks the Bible is true.

4.) why do people not know how to tag their unwarranted bullshit on tumblr?

Because people don’t cater to you.

6.) why the fuck do boys complain about girls with short hair?

Why the fuck do girls complain about girls with short hair?

Simple. Preferences.

7.) why do boys/girls feel the need to put themselves in a higher pedestal than the opposite gender?

Because everyone’s a sexist piece of shit. Here’s another question: Why do transtrender on Tumblr feel the need to put themselves in a higher pedestal than cis people?

8.) why are people opposed to abortion? if it’s a woman decision to have one, why should you give a damn?

I can use the “beliefs” argument all I want, but that’s too easy. As much I am for abortion, I want to give this scenario out.

What if the abortion goes wrong and said woman dies? What would happen then?

9.) why do people think that a magical white man, known as god, lives in the sky?

1: That’s part of religion. Islam also believes in a God.

2: Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of racist to assume that God is white? What’s wrong with an Asian God, a black God, or a Palestine God?

10.) why are homosexuals viewed as some sort of extraterrestrials in the U.S?

I don’t think that gay pride parades are helping the cause.

12.) what the fuck is so interesting about a has-been celebrity who is clearly lying, and misleading his fans by catering to their shipping needs?

Because he is (or used to be) a celebrity. Of course people are automatically going to be interested in him. Plus (if this is about Cole Sprouse which it probably is), many people grew up with him when they watched him on Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

13.) why do people view cats as depressing animals?

Because they rarely do shit. I should know this because I own a cat.

14.) why do people view dogs as slobbering, disgusting animals?

Because they slobber a lot, and they like to sniff other dogs’ asses. I should know this because I own two dogs.

16.) what part of “no, it will not happen” do people no understand?

Mandatory school. HA HA! I JUST RUINED IT FOR YOU!

17.) why is that a certain fucking mmd’er (who i happen to love to death, because she uploads the most amazing fucking pictures ever) assumes that her otp is my otp? then proceeds to exclaim that her notp is also my notp?

Maybe because she’s popular and a bitch.

Or maybe it’s for the lolz…?

18.) what the fuck is wrong with wanting to dress different?

Nothing, but you should know when to dress different and when to not.

20.) why do i happen to hate people who are too fucking nice?

Because you’re a bitch.

21.) Why In The Fuck Do People Type Like This?

why the fuck do ppl type liek this? or thIS???????? or this in really small text?

22.) how the fuck is it possible that 30-40% of tumblr users have the title “welcome to my twisted mind?”

Because they’re boring people who want to be special. Just like the transtrenders on Tumblr.

23.) why the fuck can’t people see the codependency between sam and dean?

Because they’re dumb ass retards who think ships are the most important thing in a show.

24.) in what fucking universe is justin bieber considered a talented artist? (no offense)

This universe because there happens to be people who like his music.

25.) why is deviantart filled with a bunch of people who consist of saying “omg kawaii desu mucho moeee omgggggggg .W.W.W.W.W.W.?

Because that’s where a shit load of anime fanart is found, which explains why DeviantArt is very popular.

26.) why do i say ‘fuck’ a lot?

I happen to have no clue either.




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