I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

It’s been a year, and I still haven’t been banned yet!

Today’s this blog first anniversary as so another certain Vocaloid’s birthday…

So, I decided to make a list of something I like! This is…


Is this your face when I do shit like this?

The Top Eight Best MMD’ers that I Happen to Like!

Some ground rules: Just because I put someone on this blog doesn’t mean that I don’t like that person, so that means that anyone is eligible for this list. With that out of the way, let’s cue the music and start this list!

08: Pocket-P

Despite some  here and there, he really does know how to mix the effects very well, almost like a God. When the pictures are meant to be light-hearted and fun, they really are light-hearted and fun. When they’re meant to be big and grand, they really big and grand!

TL;DR: Pocket-P is a really great editor who knows how to mix effects really well.

07: PikaDude31451

I love it when he makes a model. I mean, yeah, when he first started, they looked wonky (which kind of explains why I put him pretty low), but boy did he improve big time, especially with his Tone Rion models! And this is why I really admire him- he does it for fun and improvement. I guess some of you can say that I respect him more than I like him, and I guess to some point it’s kind of true. But I really do like him!

06: Kanahiko-chan

Even though the MMD Community as a whole never really talked about her in maybe a million years, she’s still pretty active. Now that that’s out of the way, I want to talk about why I like her. Isn’t that why I made this list in the first place? Not only did she made one of my favorite Len models, but she’s also a great picture-maker (I didn’t have many words for this.)! When she works hard, it’s clearly obvious that she takes her time to make sure that her pictures look fantastic, and they do!

05: Kio

If you asked me who my favorite MMD’er modelers are, chances are that Kio would at least be in my top five. I really do like his unique style of models, the physics, and the overall production. Also, he was one of the earlier modelers before MMD existed, so that helps as well.

I really love his Merli model, but unfortunately I don’t have the five- ten dollars to spare.

04: Miku-Chan-Love

Talk about someone trying to have models as good as a well known Japanese modeler! And that’s not to dis-credit her; she’s really amazing at modeling! If you want proof, look at her Luka model, download it, and check out all the glory for yourself! It’s just that amazing! Her Rin model is also pretty awesome!

“Isn’t she pretty inactive?”

Not really. Her recent journal stated that she’s making an Aoki Lapis model, and I damn hope it out-shines her Luka!

03: Stylc

This user’s stuff just screams QUALITY! There’s beauty, there’s eye candy, there’s an addiction, and then there’s Stylc. My God. It’s as if he created all his edits, models, and pictures were created with magic. It’s just a lot better than a bottle of Dasani’s purified water. I just can’t stop… looking… at… the…

Damn it! I need to finish this list!

02: ISAO

Kio is one of my favorite modelers, yes? Well, if you asked me who my favorite modeler of all time was, then my answer would be ISAO. I mean, hot damn does he make some good stuff! Like Kio, he was around before MMD was a thing. Unlike Kio, his models just happen to be better. When someone released the full music video for “Chrome Heart” (Vocaloids Anon’s and Kanon’s demo), I was just fucking impressed! And that True My Heart video with Miku on NicoVideo, that model was just mind-blowing, and that was early 2008!

What could possibly top that?! Before we get there, let’s list some honorable mentions before we get to the top.

Kakomiki- a great modeler

Jinomu- a great editor

Animasa- If it weren’t for him, then MMD wouldn’t be the same.

Yukari-Yuzuki-Love- Her edits are my guilty pleasures.

The-Horrible-Mu- some great accessories

Swatmare- a great editor that makes Lat look good

VanMark- some really clean quality models

Z7def- a great modeler

01: Nerudora

My God… I have no words for this… beauty eye-candy addiction! Just everything is perfect! Everything! Here, have my favorite Rick and Morty scene to cover up for my lack of description.



I’m done. Lights out.



  1. anon

    Can you elaborate on the honorable mentions?

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