I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Finally! Another Bullshit Time!

Boy has this been a long time. It’s your bitch, somebitchypikofan here with a surprise.



In today’s bullshit time, we meet a victim-blamer named Mr. TittySprinkles- I mean KitKatMMD. If there’s one thing I’m going to agree with her on, it’s that there are always going to be people that will not listen to the rules that you post. In this post, I think I was trying to say that, but I’m pretty sure that the message became lost, and it seemed like I was just blaming the modelers for others breaking the rules.

That being said, let’s jump straight to the part where I disagree with her!

Like. Okay. I’m a teen and I’m probably over-dramatic and shit,

And we’re off to a grand start, aren’t we my little shitlings? She’s basically saying this:

“How I’m acting is over-dramatic, I know that it’s over-dramatic, and yet I’m still gonna be over-dramatic!”

By the way, being a teenager is no excuse for acting like this. I should know this because I’m a teenager myself (16).

I spent an hour (out of pure boredom) just reading posts about a mmd old drama thing about AlyAllies or something. And I was just so amazed.

Another great sign, my fucking ass rammers! Bringing up an old and dead like like AlyAllie. Nice fucking job there.

Well, in a bad way. Like, y’know ‘why do you do this to yourself?’ sort of amazement.

Wait a minute! Maybe this might be about the rule breakers of the MMD Community! There might be hope!


Oh right… moving on.

I mean it was all just talking shit about others and back-stabbing and ‘stealing’ and man.


Just calm down a little.
It’s not the frickin end of the world. Like. Y’know?

I’ll give her this: People do need to calm their shit some. However, it’s still okay to be mad about disrespect and to call out people in a firm and blunt tone.

just seriously take it with a pinch of salt.

Yes, kids. Just take theft with a pinch of salt. After all, at least those thieves aren’t Hitler.




If someone is so unoriginal and so desperate that they have to steal someone’s else work, THEN YOU WOULD NOT TAKE IT WITH A PINCH OF SALT! CERTAINLY DON’T SEND DEATH THREATS, BUT ALSO DON’T TAKE LIKE A FLAVOR OF JOLLY RANCHERS THAT YOU DON’T LIKE!!!

ESPECIALLY when you have a ‘high’ reputation. You don’t go and bitch about things like that so your hoards of fans can bully them and black mail them. It’s cyber-bulling.

1: So you’re saying that people with high reputations should not complain about their works being stolen. You do realize that this is considered “policing”, right?

2: The fans bullying the thief isn’t even the modeler’s fault. IT’S THE FUCKING FANS’ FAULTS!

Even if the ones stealing or whatever said, ‘no, this is my model now’ or some silly excuse. Be the fucking mature one in the situation.

Yes, be the mature one and just let the thief keep on stealing because that’s how life works!

Don’t later apologize using an excuse like ‘I asked politely and it didn’t work.’

Actually, that’s a perfect excuse (except when the modeler is using death threats) to use, especially when the thief is the person who was being immature from the start.

So what? You instead decided that the necessary action to take was to tell all your fans?

Ever thought that maybe one person just isn’t enough even if the modeler is famous?

Don’t add fuel to the flames.

NO. FUCK NO. This does not apply here. That quote works when a gay/trans/black/disabled person decides to attack and berate a straight/cis/white/abled person for something said straight/cis/white/abled person didn’t choose/do! In the MMD case, the thief chose to steal, so there’s no fucking excuse!

God I’m fucking pissed. Next time: Top Whatever Fuck Ups!



  1. KitKatMMD

    Hey, it’s KitKatMMD here, sorry about that journal, I agree it was stupid.
    It was a while back, when I’d deleted it, as I quickly realized it was absolutely terrible.
    Idk what it was that influenced me to write it (I have a feeling it was to do with a few mmd’ers I had been following, who did the same sort of stuff) but yea, it was undeniably:
    1. pointless
    2. poorly worded
    3. just not smart at all
    When I’d written it, I didn’t realize it was in fact victim-blaming and that wasn’t my intention (since it was literally a spout of nonsense.) So, if ya must know, I honestly don’t think that way (not anymore at the least.) People should not blame the victims of thieves. But then again, you can’t stop the thief either.
    The people who steal models are either:
    1. People still new to the community
    2. People who take enjoyment out of the wreckage of other people’s creations.
    Number 1 kind of people will only ever change with time.
    Number 2 kind of people simply don’t change, unless some life turning event catalyses it.
    Which kind of makes it really unpreventable. When I had said ” take it with a pinch of salt”, I think I meant it more so along these lines. That people should be used it to and that you cannot really fight back – only move on with it (report it and leave, bc you do not need that sort of negativity), and if it really frustrates you, implement something like passwords or communities.
    So yeah. Again, sorry about it – I was still what I would think is a newbie to MMD, and hey, maybe I still am and I’ll realize it in another year.
    See ya!

    • Yo! Everyone makes mistakes! As long as we all learn from them, then everything will be okay!

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