I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

I’m Pretty Late on This…


On December 13th, 2014, a MikuMikuDance user known as Yuuu-chan passed away due to cancer. In case you don’t know who Yuuu-chan is, I’ll tell you.

Once upon a time on November 23, 2012, a young user by the name of Yuuu-chan signed up for an account on a rather known website called DeviantArt. There, she uploaded tons of beautiful MMD pictures. The last uploaded work of hers was submitted on April 11, 2014. From then on, not much was heard about Yuuu.

Now, me being the self-centered jerk I am, I was confused yesterday on December 15, 2014 when NachoKuma, also known as Pocket-P, posted this on Tumblr. Curious as I am, I wondered just what happened to this user. When I searched her name on Google that same day after school, I clicked on her DeviantArt account. I found more comments about how they missed her. So today, I decided to check out her DeviantArt again to see what had caused her death, and as a result, this journal answered my questions. The user who posted it (KrossP) even posted her thoughts during the pain of cancer.

What I read was… interesting for lack of a better word. It showed her thoughts and what happened in her life during those times. Some journals she was sad, some were happy. This made me a learn a lesson everyone in the world should learn: Even though you’re on your death bed, it’s okay to have sad thoughts. However, happy thoughts are okay as well.

Thank you Yuuu-chan and KrossP.

R.I.P. 1999-2014

“It’s a rocket to the stars~!” — Ashley A.K.A. Yuuu-chan


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