I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Actually, I Don’t Have a Title for This One

Like Uta-sama says. Kids today are now taking advice from a fictional cannibal. I’m off to a nice start. Fuck ’em. In the ass? In the mouth? In the- I’m getting way too off-topic here. I get haters on vids, on art. Why the hell do you bother? I don’t give a fuck and in …

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Where To Start Insulting?

Oh boy do I have problems with that video. Let me warn you that I haven’t watched Yatterman yet. 1: It’s already uncomfortable to see a nine-year-old character wear an outfit that’s looks rather sexual. Seriously, what the fuck is up with the anime industry and sexualizing little girls? Lotte from Lotte no Omocha!, Mitsudomoe, …

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Shake It Off…? NOT by Taylor Swift

Who disliked this video?? Oh noez. Two random strangers on the internet disliked your video. Oh the fucking humanity. Really? This is worse than ISIS, ya’ll! Don’t like the ship, don’t click. Easy as dat. Maybe those two people didn’t like your cover because they thought that it was shitty and not because of the …

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Don’t Fav and Run!

IF YOU FAV, COMMENT WHY..SERIOUSLY. Anything like telling me why you like it, stating constructive criticism, or things of the positive sort. Thanks. This is in folks. You can’t just favorite a picture anymore. You have to now waste at least a minute explaining why you like the work that a person has done! Even …

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