I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Look. A Bullshit Time.

Guess what?

I’m back.

And today we have a bullshit time. Imma introduce you to the MMD Community’s recent butt monkey YugitaliaMLP, a person who pairs her shitty OCs with canon characters. She made yet another butthurt journal about how people are “hating” her. Fuck it. Might as well do it.

drama been happening lately

Drama? Where? I haven’t see- oh wait. I think I know what this is about.


I’m gonna just state a few things about this topic and some other things.

piko 0206

This is going to be fun, right guys?

Read this.
And the description too.

If you were too fucking lazy to read the cringe, this is her basically saying, “FUCK TEH H8ERZ!!! I DO WTF I WANT!!!”.

Like my good bud said later, I do not understand why the hell everyone’s flipping out about romance in the MMDC, especially in the Hetalia section.

They’re not. They’re bitching about the fact that you’re shipping your “original” characters with canon, established characters that is someone else’s.

As far as I’m concerned, I did not see anything in the modeler Hana(the person who’s most popular for her France, Austria, Germany, & Prussia models)’s readmes, English OR Japanese, that states anything against fluff-romance.

From what I’ve heard, Hana is against yaoi, so thank your lucky stars that you’re not breaking any romance rule.

I avoid R-18 as much as possible and try my best to respect modelers’ rules. If I slip up, like in my Italy x Teto shipping pictures with Nachi Akira’s Italy (which, by the way, is not allowed in any kind of romance), then I’m sorry but I was unaware of that.

If you could, then please look the model up before you download it in order for you to know the rules.

(Should I need to clarify that bashing on my OC or any of my other stuff = bashing on ME over here?! There’s a real person behind this screen, remember? -.-)

You are not your goddamn OC. You are you. Sure, you are a person behind the character, but just because I say that your character is too perfect doesn’t mean that I am saying that you are too perfect.

that I’m acting “hella butthurt” over a piece of “constructive criticism” when it’s really just a long rant someone did half-heartedly, that I should just “F*CKING CHANGE”, you name any other lame excuse for this bullcrap and you got it.

By long rant, you mean criticisms of your work. Criticism doesn’t always have to be constructive; they just have to help and improve a person. Also, your “haters” are not implying that you should change. They are saying that maybe pairing your character with someone else’s character without their permission is (for lack of a better word) amateur. (P.S. If you’re just going to censor your swear words, then why say them in the first place?)

I am no attention seeker, mind you, I just have a bad habit of letting stress out through depressing pictures.

Letting stress out with pictures is fine, but doing it over and over time over time will give people the wrong impressions.

And I am WELL-AWARE that France-niisan and I are on opposite sides of the screen, but a girl can dream (as long as she keeps those dirty thoughts out).

Yes, a girl can dream (I dream of going to a Piko concert, but that ain’t about to happen any time soon.), but as long as a person doesn’t go too far with the dream, then dream. With the way that you said “France-niisan” instead of just plain old “France” gives me the idea of the fact that you’re just plain delusional.

So shaddup about that and let’s just go our separate ways. -3-

You know, if you’re just going to act asinine and immaturely to others, they’re not going to shut up about it. They’ll just keep talking smack about you, and hell- they might even make an Encyclopedia Dramatica page on you. Trust me kid, you don’t want an Encyclopedia Dramatica page on you. It can get pretty disgusting.

And ladies, gentlemen… If you ever create a Canon x OC shipping in the future, keep these two main things in mind:

1. DON’T BE CLINGY. Some people ship a character with more than one character, and possibly prefer a shipping that’s different from yours. They may bash on you about Canon x OC, which is uncool, but you bashing at them because the character’s “all yours” ain’t cool either. So keep that in mind.

Ironic. Kind of reminds me of you.

2. TRY AND KEEP IT IN CHARACTER. I know sometimes I get a little thrown off and do something a little, er, questionable to certain peeps, but I try to keep the personalities canon. Although when it’s something goofy and meant to be funny, I don’t take in-character-ness seriously.

Let’s have a look.


His hobbies are manipulation activities, agriculture, fashion design, sketching, singing, and telephones, as well as wandering around the art museums and fashion boutiques of Paris. He likes places that are a little odd or chic.

France is infatuated with most of the nations and is known to make blatant sexual comments at every opportunity and is very affectionate, often shown streaking or touching other nations inappropriately.

While those pictures portray France’s affectionate sides, they don’t really portray the perverted (or shall I say sexual harassment) sides well.

You only got parts of the personality right.

I will now spam you with my favorite FNAF emoticons.

Are you fuckers sure that this kid is older than eleven?

Final notes: This kid is immature as fuck, and I can barely comprehend her bullshit.


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