I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Dear Future Jadie,

Today, I will write my song that is in the tune of a song from a shitty movie that I’m still not over.

Dear Future Jadie,

It’s me, this little cunt, somebitchypikofan.

I know that the MMDC is filled with donkey shit.

I know how OCxCanon shippers are.

They little shits and immature.

But let me tell you about 2012; it was worse.

Lots of suicide mentions and salad.

I bet this really isn’t in tune, but trust me.

It was bad. It was awful- really bad. Like the worst.

Like at the bottom.

Want me to tell you what happened?


Back in August 7th, 2012,

some little asshole- fucknobullshit

Said that it was okay to tell people to die.

Of course, nobody liked that, and called that shitlord out.

Oh boy, were they pissed off!

So fucknobullshit said that it was all jokes,

But still nobody gave a shit.

And loads of teenage kids started to hate this little bitch.

They called her a monster and a bitch and told her to get out.

But she made the problem worse and grew so much hatred.

She started “trolling” MMDerProblems.

And much worse!

She even called MMD-Tips useless.

Still even much worse.

She even triggered someone to cut themself again.

She thought she was the smartest; little did she know.


It took one year later.

For fucknobullshit

To apologize to MMDerProblems

For all this.

For all the hell she caused. Dear Jadie,

That shitlord was me, and I’m sorry.

For all the hell I’ve caused.

So all those things was the worse. I’m sorry.




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