I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Monthly Archives: July, 2015

Why So Serious?

Some model styles should never have Joker edited on the face. TDA’s one of them. If this is supposed to be based off the The Dark Knight version, then you might wanna clean it up and put a bit more paint on Len, especially around the eyes. Advertisements

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Kid, did you even try mixing the two styles together? They’re very flimsily put together. And you know what? This probably wouldn’t have even made it on here except for the fact that you can’t edit and redistribute Saboten’s shit.

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Fighting Creepiness by Moonlight; Winning Uncanniness by Daylight

I’m not even sure if it’s the shading or the model itself. Either way, it’s giving me the Sailor Moon look, and that shit creeps me the fuck out.

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http://azsmmd.deviantart.com Naked shotas… W H Y ? ! ? ! ? !

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The Bullshit Was Due Today

Today is the International Drama Day in the MikuMikuDance Community, and the punchline is Xalainu. Yes, that Xalainu.¬†And you all thought that this bitch was gone (She comes back like two days later.). Here’s a little history to mark this very important date in history: Some douchebag named Tulcin made a satirical comic about the …

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