I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 69

As I was meandering through DeviantArt frightened and scared, someone poked me in the middle of my spinal cord. I swiftly spun around and noticed a user by the name of SliverStars; he looked angry for some reason.

“Sir, are you okay?” I inquired, feeling concerned about this fellow’s well-being.

I waited for a couple of moments for his reply; I wish I hadn’t because then his face slowly transitioned into that of a clown serial killer, perhaps the likes of John Wayne Gacy, and then…

J U M P S C A R E ! ! ! ! 


After that surprise scare, he started ranting about this game… Five Nights at Freddy’s or somewhere along the lines of…

“DELETING ALL OF MY FNAF SHIT” he screamed at me.

I wasn’t at the time sure why he would do something like that, but I listened to what the fellow said.

“The reason WHY im deleting ALL of my FNAF art..  i’m sick and tired in my messages of People that faves only FNAF stuff! That all you guys care about FNAF! FNAF! FNAF!” he kept ranting onwards, his fingers tightly grasping his hair.

“Well to be fair, sir,” I counter-argued, “Five Nights at Freddy’s is a very popular franchise much like Splatoon and Steven Universe.”

“Like oh my gosh…  FNAF is not a big deal…” he sighed in an exasperating tone.

“Then why is it one of the most popular franchises in all of video games?” I questioned, tilting my head as if I were confused about his message.

“Even the MMD Community is out of control cause of FNAF… that the only thing that getting popular..”

“Yes, I agree that the MikuMikuDance Community is out of control with Five Nights at Freddy’s, but again, that game is quite the popular franchise. Plus, you’re not the only one who’s getting tired of this game. Tons of other MMD’ers are sick of it as well. Also, other things are getting immanency popular. You should look up Splatoon and Steven Universe,” I stated to him, praying deep down inside that I was giving him some hope.

Seemed that my comment didn’t work on him.

“You guys don’t care about Vocaloid,PPG,DBZ, even Splatoon!” he cried.

I was awed at what he had just stated. “That’s not true!” I shouted, “I get where you’re coming from on PowerPuff Girls, but all the rest are humongous! Vocaloid may have hit its peak in Japan, sure, but in the west, it’s just starting to pick up steam! And Splatoon- HO HO! You don’t even understand the impact it’s causing on the internet right now! Don’t even get me started on Dragon Ball Z! Its popularity and the fact that there’s a new Dragon Ball anime in Japan right now is why this series is and probably always will be a hit across the whole world just like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny!”

I calmed down and waited for a moment, hoping for him to understand, but there was only the sounds of silence.

“For now on My gallery is only focusing on Steven Universe,PPG,DBZ,Splatoon,Mario and Sonic.. NO MORE FNAF SHIT.”

He threw his hands up in the air and was about to storm out when I grabbed his wrist and stopped him for a moment.

“All those franchises you’ve just said you’re gonna focus on… those are still very popular franchises. If you’re not going to focus on Five Nights at Freddy’s, then other types of fandom people will just favorite just another type of franchise like Sonic or especially S.U…” At that point, I was desperate. I just wanted the guy to calm down and try to breathe some thought into him. I wasn’t even sure myself if this will convince him.

He glared at me with his eyes of frustration and yelled, “And stop shipping your OC with animatronics. THEY ARE KILLER ROBOTS?! WHY WOULD YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH A KILLER ROBOT?! :angry:  That is just wrong!”

He had a point. Sort of. “It’s fucked up, sure, but there are a ton of people who are into killers. You just have no idea,” I informed him with all my sympathy.

Was this gonna work? Even I had my doubts at this point.

“This is what i want to do with the fandom:fair fight :ShutTheFuckUppercut: ,” he told me in grotesque details.

I knew he didn’t really want to kill them all, but all that violence made me wince in fear.

“We all get annoyed at a certain fandom or few,” I reassured him, “but talking about hurting them is just wrong. Violence is never the answer. It never solves anything, it just makes the problem worse. When we get angry, we should calmly talk about our feelings. I know it’s hard to do; trust me, I’ve been there before.” Even though I had great doubts, I still wanted to give this advice a try.

At first, he was just staring at the ground. Then he looked up at me and replied, “For the note I HATE FNAF now…. Thank alot to bunch of fanboys and 12 years old kids that don’t know how to act..”

He jerked his wrist out of my grasp and started storming out.

I ran up to him and shouted, “It’s okay if you hate the games! Personally, I don’t see what’s so great about Five Nights at Freddy’s myself. But you shouldn’t let a bunch of twelve-year-olds get to you! They’re probably not harming you in anyway!” I was breathless. I was exhausted. Still though, I kept a little hope inside of my heart.

That was when he stopped walking.

He turned his head and said, “Thanks you for wasting my time…
Bye for now~<3Rubapphire dorks ”

He stormed off, perhaps never to be seen again.

I should’ve known that this wasn’t going to work. I tried everything, yet nothing worked. I tucked my hands into my jean pockets, tucked my head down, and quietly meandered off back to DeviantArt and Tumblr.


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