I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Bullshit Wars

Hello there. It’s me, fucknoprofessionalmmd here. How the fuck have I not noticed this shit? I just got referred to this shit by a known lulzcow of gabbysamacupcakes. I’m gonna jeer at it. Here’s the post. Let’s put some Sia on in case I survive this war.


KawaiiMiki, ThePurpleBunnyAyumi, xXVioNightHunterXx, animeArtluvr469, and more,

Am I involved? I know I’m not a Hetalia fan, but am I involved still?

Also, you’re not supposed to say ‘Dear:’ when you’re declaring war on a fandom. You’re supposed to say ‘To:’.

Get out of your fucking delusional world.

Axis powers Hetalia’s characters will never, ever be real, no matter what you wish. They would never be real, no matter what. Get out of your fantasies, get to real life.

Who says that they think these characters are real? From what I’ve gathered, I highly doubt that these guys think that these characters are real.

Stop wasting your time on these stuff and do something productive, geez, it’s not even gonna leave a good impression on yourself.

Oh yeah. Making a hate blog on tumblargdotcum is so totally uber productive with your life! Look how swell your life is!

Seriously, shipping your ‘OC’, no, self-insert, is the worst thing you want to do especially when it makes no actual sense.

Oh yeah. As opposed to telling people to kill themselves, threatening to doxx people, or you know, declaring war on a bunch of dumb Hetalia fans on DeviantArt.

when you’re doing it wrong, you’re instantly despised by the whole fandom. I’m telling the truth. Hard truth, dear.



Have you seen any of Gabby’s journals? She has white-knights still kissing her ass even to this day!

You cheeky lying bastard.

Especially self-inserts– they have been despised in the fandom for so long, you don’t even know.

T H E   W H O L E   F A N D O M ? !

You cause so many MMDers to be overlooked it’s sad.

I don’t know, man. Overlooking a better MMD’er because one dumb shit couldn’t take criticism kind of makes you sound a bit negligent, doesn’t it?

Not to mention your whiteknights. They’re blind, blind to the world, dead to us.

They’re white-knights. What the fuck do you expect?

Thanks for ruining the reputation of us hetalians. Sane, fully sane hetalians. Fucking. Thanks.

You shitheads cause the Hetalia MMDC to break down, you have no idea what it has become as of now.

Honey, that side of the community has always been shit.

You ruined it for me, us, everyone.

Ruined?! You mean a bunch of dipshits on DeviantArt shipping themselves with personified versions of countries in the world ruined Hetalia not just for you, but for everyone?

No, no. Fuck that noise! If that dumb shit ruins making Hetalia fan-art in MMD for you, then quite frankly, you were not a good fan to begin with. Here’s an idea! Why not stop dealing with their shit?! Stop replying to them; block them if they even try to start shit!

You guys ruined everything there was of the Hetalia MMDC, we missed it, we missed the old mmdc where everything was peaceful.

About as peaceful as Napalm bombings.

I declare war, I declare war on this part of the Hetalia MMDC, and I’ll make sure we win.

That’s right, I said war. c:

No way in hell are we losing to you shanks.

Regards, Admin Desu of Fuck no APH.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Fucking wow. 

Not only am I questioning your age, but I’m also questioning your IQ and your mental stability.

War is not a good idea, especially internet wars. The last time I saw someone involved in an internet war was way back in 2007, and that involved a bunch of fucking 10-year-olds. Who even knows how old this fuck is! I mean, fucking wow!


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