I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Judge Bullshit

Ello, ello, ello! It’s been a long as time since I’ve done a bullshit time, and I got me something muy excelente! This person is CMSensei with their latest work, Don’t Judge Us.

And before I start judging, here. I hope this song makes it to the Eurovision finals.

Dear MMD’ers.

Damn. I haven’t even started judging you for the actual problem, and already I gotta bitch about something. When you want to start off as if you’re writing a letter, put a comma after whomever you’re addressing it to unless it’s to be formal (in that case, you use a colon).

Now for starters, I won’t change nothing if you comment saying you dislike it.

Won’t change nothing? So that means you’re gonna bend your ass over and change because someone said that they disli- oh shit. I think I understand now. Fuck the haters, right?

See, when you use double negatives, they cancel out and become positive.

I did not make them to impress you, its for me myself and I.

Awesome. If they’re only for you, then you can keep them to yourself.

And just because I picked a base for my male ocs that are different and not “like the rest of the other users.”

And just because what exactly? Not gonna tell your audience shit? Okaaaaaaay then.

And ‘anatomy incorrect’ excuse me if artists can draw ocs of all shapes and sizes then I can have them the way I want.

Uh, CM? Do you even know what anatomically incorrect means because I don’t think you know what that means. Anatomically incorrect means that anatomically (Yes, this word is getting redundant. I’m very sorry.), a being would not be able to function in their own body. I’ll give you a few examples of anatomically incorrect and anatomically correct.


This is Fat Albert. I doesn’t matter how fucking awesome he is. His legs would not be able to hold and maintain the shitload amount of fat in his stomach.


This is Peter Griffin. Despite the fact that he only has four fingers, anatomically, he might still be able to function.


This is Uncle Grandpa. His noodle arms and stone head would not be able to support his bones at all.


This is Heather. Her narrow stomach followed by her wide hips would not be able to squeeze in her intestines, stomach, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc.


This is a screenshot of a scene from the anime Aku no Hana. Despite the fact that it was rotoscoped, there are still anatomically awkward scenes.


This is a body positivity picture from Tumblr. Despite being cartooney (like all of the above images), the anatomy fits perfectly for movement and structure.


This is your image. All of your models, in the design that you’ve chosen, can still function and move just fine.

And to put it out there, who cares for stereotypes

People that actually want a good story with good characters.

I had a gender neutral bunny date a male Angel for heaven sakes.

Awesome. Now actually try to do something else for an example.

I’m okay with nice criticism but I am talking about rude ones and rude comments.

Uhhh didn’t you just say this?

Now for starters, I won’t change nothing if you comment saying you dislike it.

Does that mean that you’re gonna bend your ass over?

And back off off If I had bad grammar or spelling, don’t like it don’t fucking read it.

I’m so sorry that I want to be able to read the message that you’re trying to convey. Also, this be a bit Tumblr-ish, but you’re being a bit ableist right now. :^)

AND THE only ones I KNOW I can trust in this MMDC is Kara-chann and MadNimrod

Awesome. You could’ve taken this out, and nothing of substance would’ve been lost.

Before ending this, I just wanna write a quick letter to CM that has something to do with their models.

Dear CM,

I do have issues with your models. It’s not the anatomy; like I said, the anatomy is just fine for MMD (although MMD in general has a bunch of anatomically incorrect models). I have issues with the choice of textures that you’ve used. The cracked and peeled skin does not fit with the glossy, greasy, low-poly hair. Speaking of the skin, I’m pretty sure that’s not what most skin looks like unless it’s severely dehydrated. If you were aiming to be realistic with the skin, then you’ve seriously fucked up. Please consider which textures go together the next time you remake your models.

Yours Truly,



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