I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Je Suis Tired of Shitty Mourn Pictures on DeviantArt.

It truly is a horrible tragedy for the people of Brussels, Belgium this week. We as humans being should all come together to mourn the losses of innocent lives and to condemn terrorism. Whether it be pictures, poetry, or praying, every thought counts.

Smiling Belgium (chat icon) :iconsaysplz: Je suis Belgium,merci pour la prière…
France (Denies) [V1] :iconsaysplz: Oh Dieu..,Poor Belly i was came first being my done tounder attacking somne radical incident about IZIS!? :X
:iconspyplz::iconsaysplz: Oh Shut up, that flamande was so incidental being dangerous under attacking the flights are seems a terrible can must be sicking off!
:iconnetherlandsplz::iconsaysplz: forgive me..,i hate my sister was affraid do fierry black nazi than izis terrorist now..


EDIT (3/25/16):

it's even worse!!!

Sweet Loic, it’s even worse…


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