I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

How Bad Is the MikuMikuDance Community?

Let’s have a discussion. It’s about the MMD Community. Let’s discuss what sonaze01 thinks of the MMD Community. Let’s listen to some music just in case.

A community is a group of people in one area or an organization.

A community is not a community without its people. 

If if there was only a small amount of people, it would be a group.

Between a community and a group is a village. If the population is slightly bigger than a village, then it would be an unincorporated community. Larger than that are towns and cities respectively. Right now, I suspect the MMD Community is still a town but is about to become a city.

In society, there are the good people, and the bad. The good, remain innocent and happy. The bad people are guilty and are not having a good time.

I can tell you are new here. I’ll tell you a simple thing about good and bad: The bad, when not feeling empathy, will laugh and likely do it again. The good people are to suffer along with the consequences the bad had brought along. On the internet, it is hard to tell who is good and who is bad since our identities are still a mystery and complex.

The less “profound” version of what I just said: The internet is anonymous, and trolls don’t give a shit.

MMD is a community.

Therefore, it is only the people that suck. Nothing else sucks about MMD, and being a part of it. 

But it sure does suck when trolls and arrogant assholes start and cause so much shit that modelers and picture people will no longer upload their content.

So, what do you think we should do to solve this problem?

– Don’t recolor models 

Then how are new kids going to learn the basics of editing? Don’t we want people to grow and spread out? After all, we all have to start somewhere.

– Don’t do illegal things

Like what? You put “- Don’t steal”, but honestly this would’ve worked better as an example of illegal things than its own bullet. So what other illegal things are you thinking of?

– Mind your own business

Then what am I supposed to do when someone’s doing something illegal? Also-

– If someone asks you for help, try to honestly help them

– Ask questions before doing as pleased

– If you say you’re gonna help someone with something/make something for someone, follow through

– Give constructive criticism on newcomers MMD posts

I don’t know about you guys, but this seem a little contradictory to me. Are you saying only mind your business when it’s something negative? On a side note, pot calling the kettle black much?

MMDC vs Fandoms

What fandoms? Gravity Falls? Steven Universe? Sonic? Ariana Grande? Can you be a little specific with ‘fandoms’?


– Has pre-done things for you

That’s depends on what fandom you’re in. If you’re in a popular fandom (like Vocaloid or Undertale), then of course there’s going to be a lot of models for you to choose from. But suppose you’re in an obscure fandom and you want a model of say… Mike Pinsetti from the Dear Dumb Diary series. You’re going to have to make that model yourself.

– Can actually fake what you are giving out for free

So can Ebay. And Amazon. Ever heard of bootleg?

– Takes some time and understanding around multiple levels of things before you are able to do stuff yourself 

What doesn’t?

– Immediately judged as a newbie the moment you decide you want to join in

No shit! Of course people are going to think you’re a newbie when you decide to join! YOU ARE ONE! THAT GOES FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING, NOT JUST MMD!


– Often 2D

Really? I don’t remember the Young and the Restless fandom having much 2D in it (except the series itself).

– Has less restrictions on what you can and cannot do 

That depends on which fandom. If you try to have any artistic freedom in the Steven Universe fandom, they will tear you apart until you at least attempt suicide. They’ve done it. Twice. Okay, more than that.

– Constant “Mary Sue” hate/unoriginality hatred against perfectly fine characters 

– Easier to understand, and is more about practice than understanding

You mean like MMD?

So let me ask you. Is the Miku Miku Dance Community really all that bad?

Yes. It is a community on the internet.



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