I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Monthly Archives: September, 2016

Blaze the Big-Ass Ponytail

Let’s compare the human version to the original version of Blaze the Cat. Now, let’s use our common knowledge about the human body and its proportions. Ponytails can hold up believe it or not. When holding a ponytail upwards, the hair usually falls down (unless you use a shit ton of hairspray or you’re a …

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Hooking Up with MMDHate-Blog: A Guide to Hate, Fame, Edginess, Success, and Being the Death of the Community Chapter One: Sluts!

Gee, OP. I didn’t know that wearing short shorts in your own home (or what I’m guessing is the original modeler’s home) makes you a whore! By that logic, every body must be a slut since we all wear pretty much whatever the fuck we want in our own house- some even go… NAKED!!!

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The MikuMikuDance Community’s Toxic Levels Over the Years

This is gonna come off as super late, but I was looking over or possibly stalking a certain blog that I don’t like, but I ended up reading this doo-hickey. Reading it made me really think, “Has the MMD Community ever been good?”, and the answer, whoever is sadly reading this, is no. I’m gonna …

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