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Let’s Review a Fanime: NOiSE

Well, this has been a long time coming. When was the last time I reviewed an MMD fanime?


God, two and a half years ago…? Anyways, let’s start review NOiSE!

I actually learned about NOiSE from some bitchy rant about how the series stole someone’s model.

NOiSE begins with our main protagonist Ciel moving to a different part of the country/state/city/whatever to attend some preppy ass private school. Ciel has to reunite a band that used to consist of Rinto (drums), Enn (lead vocalist and pianist), Bluemoon (bass guitarist) , and Blackstar (guitar and back-up vocals).  The band’s name was… you guessed it.

So what’s up with this series other than the rather bland concept?

Well, the animation and voice-acting are top-notch! The admins really went out of their ways to find some of the best animators and voice-actors available. Other than that… yeah, it’s really bland and quite frankly has a lot of holes in it.

For example, check out this scene below at 6: 23:

Who are these two characters, and where did they come from? Maybe the series will explain later, but these two just appeared right out of nowhere.

On a wider perspective, the series never explains why Ciel got accepted into this preppy ass school. I don’t know about the rest of the bunch, but one of my biggest pet peeves in media is when stories don’t tell the audience why the protagonist is going a private school. Sure, Ciel has admitted to writing some songs and playing the guitar, but the way the story handles Ciel makes it seem more like a hobby than an actual reason as to why he would be accepted into a private school. I guess that writers want to make the protagonist seem ordinary in a private school, but I’m sorry. If your protagonist is in a prestigious ass private school, then they’re already not ordinary.

Speaking of protagonist, he’s generic. Then again, so is practically every character except maybe Punkish, and even then, he’s a tired out gay stereotype. That’s pretty much my problem with these characters- they’re practically have only one personality.

Overall, that’s pretty much what NOiSE is- tired and bland. It tries to bring more life into itself, but it’s still gonna be tired and bland. I feel like I’ve seen this type of concept tons of time (Dork Diaries comes to my mind first). NOiSE doesn’t really try anything new, and that’s why I can’t be interested in it.

Here, NOiSE gets a D rating from me.


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