I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Happy Bullshitsgiving!

Let’s jump to the chase without knowing what the fuck is going on! Let’s do it to it, motherfuckers!

So just recently I was accused of stealing the look or inspiration of DJ Sona who I didn’t even know who she was.

You can steal a lot of shit without even knowing who the original poster was. We call those ZeroChan users!

I was just looking for mmd parts to create another picture so I came across the DJ set and so I downloaded it for Zuri.

So bookmarking the download post and reading the read-me was out of the question?

This just pisses me off, which I don’t need the stress since I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.

Oh boy! I sure hope that you’re not using that as an excuse!!

I just can’t believe that someone would accuse me for doing such a bull shit thing.

To be fair though, stealing ain’t the pettiest of things…

I went to recently to try to talk to the person who accused but they want to seem to act like a five year old and not respond.

Well good for you for at least trying to be the bigger person, but did you at least try to apologize? If you didn’t and just tried to say that you didn’t steal the look, maybe you were the five-year-old…?

I don’t know; I kind of want to see proof of this.

She should have not pissed off someone who is from Nebraska, cause I will tell you one thing, we people from Nebraska can become real jerks when it comes to this crap.

Oh boy! I sure hope that you’re not using that as an excuse!!

I would credit people or list the effects, but I am not in that great of a mode right now. I do apologize for not doing so. 

Yeah, that totally fucking helped your defense. You totally fucking convinced me.

Anyways, Happy Bullshitsgiving! Sorry I have a fucking life now!


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