I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

MMD News at 5:30


This is somebitchypikofan bringing you the latest in MMD News. And first off, some MMD’er’s models got uploaded on some Russian websites. We’ll take you to Xandy for more. Xandy?

Thank you, somebitchypikofan. Witnesses say that an anonymous MMD’er’s models from what looks like Five Nights at Freddy were uploaded on a website as download without this user’s consent. Right now, we have said modeler. How does this make you feel?

Arrrgg, I’m so angry!!


And what punishment do you think these thieves deserve?

I decided smth…I don’t want to put my models for public DL anymore!!!
Now I’m going to close all my models DL.


… Back to you, somebitchypikofan.

Thank you, Xandy. Allegedly, this user decided that if you’re not her friend, then you can get some free models from these Russian websites. That’ll be all for today; thank you for joining us. We’ll see you at ten. Goodnight.


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