I don't bash on the n00bs.

Bashing the n00bs are for babies anyway. I mean, come on!

Wet Turn-off

I don’t think that this will be too appropriate to mention, but what the fuck is up with MMD users on Pixiv and omorashi?


MMD News at 5:30


This is somebitchypikofan bringing you the latest in MMD News. And first off, some MMD’er’s models got uploaded on some Russian websites. We’ll take you to Xandy for more. Xandy?

Thank you, somebitchypikofan. Witnesses say that an anonymous MMD’er’s models from what looks like Five Nights at Freddy were uploaded on a website as download without this user’s consent. Right now, we have said modeler. How does this make you feel?

Arrrgg, I’m so angry!!


And what punishment do you think these thieves deserve?

I decided smth…I don’t want to put my models for public DL anymore!!!
Now I’m going to close all my models DL.


… Back to you, somebitchypikofan.

Thank you, Xandy. Allegedly, this user decided that if you’re not her friend, then you can get some free models from these Russian websites. That’ll be all for today; thank you for joining us. We’ll see you at ten. Goodnight.

Sad Hobbes’s Day



Not sure if these are from the same person, but this is sad. So many people are now afraid to express themselves however they want that they resort to being like everyone else just just so that they get some likes and comments and don’t get an overload of hate. And as much as I want to regress to the opposite arrogant side, I feel like I’m responsible for this because I too am a hate blog.

So here’s a quick Hobbes’s Day PSA: Express yourself however you want (unless it’s illegal). Just know that there are people that will criticize/even hate you. If you come across criticism of you, you can either find a way to better yourself or ignore it.

This is Why We Need Positivity Blogs in the MMDC.


If you don’t understand why we need positivity blogs in this damned community, then you are probably why we need them in the first place. Unless you’re talking about how most admins behind said positivity blogs are two-faced bitches. Then I can understand.




Okay you guys, I love MMD and Photoshop pictures as much as you guys, but


come on guys.



We gotta draw a fine line between




MMD Photoshop





and actual drawings/paintings!



You guys are very talented, and I love all of this work, but



this is getting a little ridiculous.


Tone it down a notch.

Smelly Nappy Baby of the MMDC

is SodaCat17.

me: //talks about giving away models, doesnt actually give a link out to anybody
mmdc: //calls me a bitch for a week straight

You: //cockblocks the entire community.

Everyone else: //is understandably upset over this


I didn’t feel like using MMD, so here’s my shitty drawing.

at this rate im gonna make it public and start recruiting people to get more models to give to the public lmao and then what do u think will happen

ill tell ya what

the modelers will ban the entire western hemisphere, see if i give a fuck


and of course y’all will blame me but like……….i aint the one who makes shit for a program that’s supposed to be free for everyone to use and then keeps it private bc “only Japanese people are respectable” like

me: //talks about giving away models, doesnt actually give a link out to anybody


yeah i used to respect the rules

and then i started being denied models for my race


but oh god bless the modelers right????? y’all are dumb as shit if you’re still kissing their asses


Shout out to my biggity biggity boo bigolebiddy for doing my job for me and exposing this shit. Otherwise, I would have nothing to do!


Theft in a Nutshell


Happy Bullshitsgiving!

Let’s jump to the chase without knowing what the fuck is going on! Let’s do it to it, motherfuckers!

So just recently I was accused of stealing the look or inspiration of DJ Sona who I didn’t even know who she was.

You can steal a lot of shit without even knowing who the original poster was. We call those ZeroChan users!

I was just looking for mmd parts to create another picture so I came across the DJ set and so I downloaded it for Zuri.

So bookmarking the download post and reading the read-me was out of the question?

This just pisses me off, which I don’t need the stress since I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.

Oh boy! I sure hope that you’re not using that as an excuse!!

I just can’t believe that someone would accuse me for doing such a bull shit thing.

To be fair though, stealing ain’t the pettiest of things…

I went to recently to try to talk to the person who accused but they want to seem to act like a five year old and not respond.

Well good for you for at least trying to be the bigger person, but did you at least try to apologize? If you didn’t and just tried to say that you didn’t steal the look, maybe you were the five-year-old…?

I don’t know; I kind of want to see proof of this.

She should have not pissed off someone who is from Nebraska, cause I will tell you one thing, we people from Nebraska can become real jerks when it comes to this crap.

Oh boy! I sure hope that you’re not using that as an excuse!!

I would credit people or list the effects, but I am not in that great of a mode right now. I do apologize for not doing so. 

Yeah, that totally fucking helped your defense. You totally fucking convinced me.

Anyways, Happy Bullshitsgiving! Sorry I have a fucking life now!

Let’s Review a Fanime: NOiSE

Well, this has been a long time coming. When was the last time I reviewed an MMD fanime?


God, two and a half years ago…? Anyways, let’s start review NOiSE!

I actually learned about NOiSE from some bitchy rant about how the series stole someone’s model.

NOiSE begins with our main protagonist Ciel moving to a different part of the country/state/city/whatever to attend some preppy ass private school. Ciel has to reunite a band that used to consist of Rinto (drums), Enn (lead vocalist and pianist), Bluemoon (bass guitarist) , and Blackstar (guitar and back-up vocals).  The band’s name was… you guessed it.

So what’s up with this series other than the rather bland concept?

Well, the animation and voice-acting are top-notch! The admins really went out of their ways to find some of the best animators and voice-actors available. Other than that… yeah, it’s really bland and quite frankly has a lot of holes in it.

For example, check out this scene below at 6: 23:

Who are these two characters, and where did they come from? Maybe the series will explain later, but these two just appeared right out of nowhere.

On a wider perspective, the series never explains why Ciel got accepted into this preppy ass school. I don’t know about the rest of the bunch, but one of my biggest pet peeves in media is when stories don’t tell the audience why the protagonist is going a private school. Sure, Ciel has admitted to writing some songs and playing the guitar, but the way the story handles Ciel makes it seem more like a hobby than an actual reason as to why he would be accepted into a private school. I guess that writers want to make the protagonist seem ordinary in a private school, but I’m sorry. If your protagonist is in a prestigious ass private school, then they’re already not ordinary.

Speaking of protagonist, he’s generic. Then again, so is practically every character except maybe Punkish, and even then, he’s a tired out gay stereotype. That’s pretty much my problem with these characters- they’re practically have only one personality.

Overall, that’s pretty much what NOiSE is- tired and bland. It tries to bring more life into itself, but it’s still gonna be tired and bland. I feel like I’ve seen this type of concept tons of time (Dork Diaries comes to my mind first). NOiSE doesn’t really try anything new, and that’s why I can’t be interested in it.

Here, NOiSE gets a D rating from me.

Blaze the Big-Ass Ponytail


Let’s compare the human version to the original version of Blaze the Cat.


Now, let’s use our common knowledge about the human body and its proportions. Ponytails can hold up believe it or not.




Okay, this is probably a bad example.

  1. When holding a ponytail upwards, the hair usually falls down (unless you use a shit ton of hairspray or you’re a main character in an anime).
  2. If your upwards ponytail uses that much hair and weighs that much, your neck should be in dire pain and you should be struggling to not fall down on your face.

What I would suggest is that you should make the hair especially weigh less, and if you still want to make the reference to the original character (which is a pretty great reference by the way), make the ponytail shorter and still point upwards but give the hair a bit of a sway to give it more realistic physics. I know that Sonic characters aren’t very known for realistic proportions, but still. :/